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Una vida en breve. Versos surrealistas y no (Una vita in breve. Versi surreali e non)

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

“Una vida en breve. Versos surrealistas y no” is not just a book for poetry lovers. It’s a concentrate of emotions in a few pages, for all of those wishing to discover the depths of the human soul. For the ones looking for answers to questions we don’t even dare to ask ourselves. Don’t miss it!

You can find it on Amazon (soon, also in e-book).

Enjoy reading it!

"Una vida en breve. Versos surrealistas y no" provides a poetic overview of the author’s life, exploring her contrasting moods, emotions, and passions and featuring the highs and lows of those who seek to give the best of themselves in any situation, but must face the harsh reality that it’s often necessary to identify one’s few, true priorities.

The subtitle "Versos surrealistas y no" refers not only to the dreamlike atmosphere of some of the poems – contrasting with those in which the author “has both feet firmly on the ground” – but also to the nonsense that some of the author’s reflections might have to someone… while they will resonate deeply with those who have reached the same level of awareness.

After having spent years mentally trapped in a career-centred mindset focussed on professional achievement, the author stops. Looks back. And takes stock of her life for the first time. She becomes aware of everything she has neglected and lost over the years and decides to give herself a second chance, to look at everything around her from a fresh perspective. Although unsure of exactly where this will lead, she is at least certain to have found herself again and to have gained an awareness of what truly matters.


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