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Find out my biography, who I am, what brought me here

I was born in 1976 in Rho, in the province of Milan, to parents of Apulian origins. Third of three children, I attended elementary school in Verona and my passion for art was born right then. I was a very sensitive, solitary child who identified in silence a moment of reflection and creation. This is how I approached poetry, the first compositions born from instinct, from the need to impress some of my reflections. 

Along with writing, in those early years, my interest in oil painting, in the art of drawing, and finally in music blossomed, until I entered the Polyphonic Choir of Conversano.

Tiziana Di Molfetta

I've always had a soft spot for the power of words, for languages and for foreign territories, because they overwhelmingly gave me the feeling of being able to enrich myself, of being able to approach cultures other than mine. I learned English, German, and French. In Puglia, I graduated from the linguistic high school of Conversano, and I got a master’s degree in Law from the University of Bari. Travel enthusiast and moved by a strong curiosity to discover the world, I then got a degree in International Affairs at the ISPI institute in Milan and soon after, at the age of twenty-five, my diplomatic career began.

I then held various prestigious positions, both in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - in the protocol, legal affairs and consular affairs - and abroad, as deputy-consul in Zurich, deputy-ambassador in Thailand, deputy-ambassador and consul in South Korea. But the work, even though giving me the opportunity to increase my professional and personal experience, and to get in touch with fascinating realities, somehow absorbed me completely and kept me away from creativity. 

Since 2018, I have found the courage to live my second life. With my husband, our two children and our dog, I retired to private life in the Florentine hills, where I was able to reconnect with art and the essence of nature.

Since 2020 I have become the vocalist of The Cranberries amateur tribute band called GOLDberries. Furthermore, always striving towards a creative need, I started writing again: I won several prizes and literary competitions for some of my poetic compositions and I contributed my poems to numerous anthologies, until I decided to collect my first new poems in a monograph ,  Una vita in breve. Versi surreali e non (Verses of a Surreal Life) printed and distributed by Youcanprint. Currently, Verses of a Surreal Life is republished in two new expanded editions by Robin Editions, in Italian, with parallel translation into English and Spanish respectively.

My second poetry collection will be published in the next few months.


Furthermore, after years of experience in the performance of high-level ceremonies in embassies and consulates around the world, as well as of civil weddings in my role as Consul of Italy abroad, having retired to private life, I decided to extend my skills to the celebration of symbolic ceremonies, too! I dedicated myself to the study of the different existing kinds and enrolled in the Wedding Industry Academy, in Rome, where I got my diploma of Wedding Ceremony Master & Wedding Officiant.


My compositions aspire to dialogue directly with the soul of the readers, when they feel ready to welcome them.

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