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The true leader

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Ever wonder who is a leader? I mean a true leader. A so-called natural leader. I do… and I must say that in my life I have met many fake ones, who attributed a similar value to themselves, in a completely uncritical and self-referential way.

But, then, how do we recognize a true leader?

A natural leader is the one who does not try to impose himself anyway, in every situation or by means of intimidation, but the one who knows how to take control only if and when really necessary.

He is the one who carefully observes, understands and values the attitudes of his collaborators; he does not act in first person at all costs. He is the one who is not afraid to question himself, nor to get involved and, if the game goes badly, he does not attribute the failure to his collaborators, but takes responsibility first and foremost. Just as, on the other hand, he does not take all the merits of success by himself, but recognizes them in the work of the entire team. He is communicative and manages to motivate the team making it close-knit. It is a coagulating element within the group. His being, his preaching and his acting are always consistent with each other and in any case inspired by common sense.

For this he is admired and respected by others, who are spontaneously inclined to follow his example. He respects the resources available, whether material or human: he never abuses them.

And finally, he knows how to look far, beyond what to others may seem an obstacles or a barriers when faced with a goal. But he doesn't jealously guard this ability: he helps those around him to broaden their horizons just as much.

And you… how many do you know of real leaders?


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