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Not a typical review

Mine is not a typical review. It's more of a reflection. I've read «Ho ancora gli occhi da cerbiatto» (CSA Editrice) and I'll tell you what I think.

When writing becomes an instrument of authentic catharsis and frees the soul from the useless burden of earthly encrustations, it reaches its most sublime expressions. Even more so when it is made possible by a pen as sincere and crystalline as that of Salvatore Claudio.

Life shouldn't be told by lying, omitting or sweetening its darkest features. Real life should be told for what it is. Because the farce of appearances and the yardstick of other people's approval to feel entitled to live one's life in this world, for what one really is, are a useless staging to distract us from the harsh reality of our mortal being. And forgetting this, we let others dictate the rules of our life, often reaching the point of denying our true self in order to conform.

Denying ourselves while letting life slip out of our hands. Often without even realizing it. To realize it, and moreover even tell it, you need a lot, but really a lot of courage. And Salvatore Claudio has plenty to spare! Even more if life has been so difficult and bitter to digest. But it is precisely from this courage that redemption comes. And, however painful his story was, Salvatore Claudio reminds us that redemption can exist, in any case and for anyone: all you need to do is never give up, have courage and, despite everything, continue to hope.

Really recommended reading for everyone!


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