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La sposa insicura (The insicure bride)

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

I don't know why, but I love weddings! I love brides! I especially love the wedding dresses! But how many are spectacular to see in the shop and, instead, put on disappointing...? And how many, on the other hand, hang in the wardrobe and go unnoticed… while they look wonderful on them?!

To girls and women grappling with wedding preparations, I highly recommend "La sposa insicura" by Raffaele Fabbricatore, a precious vademecum, practical and useful! Very pleasant reading, which I shared in every observation. I also appreciated his extremely professional, honest and transparent approach.

Those who prepare for such a special day do not deserve circumstantial observations and comments, but need a truly sincere feedback on how they look wearing one dress rather than another, this hairstyle or another, a certain accessory or type of makeup and so on. To those who will read it: good reading and good preparations! 🤓

PS1: don't worry, I'm not getting married again!🤪

PS2: yes, I'm going to buy a third wedding dress, but only for my pleasure!😆


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