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Nero (Black)

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

I never imagined reading a horror / noir. I write poetry and I'm afraid of movies like that…! Then, one day, I come across "Qualcosa" (Something) by Tatiana Sabina Meloni, which horrifies me (right!), but at the same time attracts me with that sinister call to the damned ... So I decided to take courage and read Nero”. And… you won't believe it: I found it incredibly fascinating! Hypnotic.

Yes, because "Nero" kidnaps you, swallows you, sucks you into the individual stories, whether you want it or not. You get trapped in it, it keeps you in suspense, you can't take your eyes off its… black ink. You find yourself looking around you with the eyes of the protagonist or the victim of the moment. To perceive the most terrifying sensations and chills on the skin.

“Nero” is a punch in the gut. But one of those who put that adrenaline on you that inexplicably makes you want another and another. The sober and elegant pen, effectively pressing in the crescendo, gives the narration an extreme smoothness. Finally, the author's ability to recreate a subjective-camera effect is surprising, even in the stories told in third person. Personally, I found "Nero" a revelation. I loved a horror/noir! (I get chills just thinking about it!). It's stories that mark you with the perverse charm of wickedness. But they also make you think a lot. Because you find yourself traveling the blackest meanders of the human psyche…

In short, chills that I highly recommend! So, give a chance to the literary genres furthest from your favorites: you might, like me, be pleasantly amazed! So - Thank you, Tatiana, for revealing another dimension to me and Thank you for the nice collaboration! ❤️


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