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La signora è morta (Madame is dead), Tilde Ottomani

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

How liberating must it be to be able to say whatever comes to mind? How much! Everything we think and just how we think it! Get rid of the burden of keeping it all in! Regurgitating without hesitation what we would like to throw in the face of those who have disrespected us (while, on the other hand, quiet life and social conventions force us to keep silent).

Well, this luck, Cassandra – protagonist of «La signora è morta» – has got this luck! Because she is dead. Or at least she thinks she is, even if she's not entirely sure about that. Be that as it may, Cassandra finally lives the most absolute freedom - the one that can only be found by catapulting herself into a dimension totally detached from the one in which we live. In a "non-space" and "non-time". But, then, does the protagonist die or not? You must read the book to know! But, in the end, is it that important to know?

Or will it be liberating just to be overwhelmed by the narrator's torrent of thoughts until we lose the perspective that always leads us to wanting to know how it will end…?

Tilde Ottomani, the author, makes us retrace fragments of a "normal" life which, between a few light laughs, some bitter ones and some more existential reflections, leads us to some questions. Cassandra sometimes has some answers; other times she has none. But what does it matter? She finally enjoys a state of bliss in which she has finally unburdened herself of all that life throws at us. Now she can give free rein to herself. Now that she “is” not, now that she “stays” not. No more coercion, pressure, hypocrisy or abuse. We are outside the earthly dimension (without any religious meaning).

Perhaps only in this way can one be fully oneself, even if not "staying". Or maybe not even then can we "be", because basically our life is the result of many canvases that intertwine, despite us, in the theater of the cosmos, in which we are immersed together with all the others...

Reading that I recommend to everyone!


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